Josh Cares

It has always been a dream of Kevin's to bring his charitable efforts back to his home town of Cincinnati.  In 2010, with the help of his family, Kevin established a relationship with Josh Cares, which provides companionship and comfort to children who are hospitalized at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.  Fellows employed by Josh Cares serve as surrogates for the families who cannot be, for one reason or another, by their child's side. These surrogates provide a familiar face to help fill the children’s lonely hours, to read them stories until they fall asleep, to play games with them and to hold their hands during painful procedures. Kevin recalls being rushed to the Children's Hospital in Cincinnati when his appendix burst and most vividly remembers the kind and caring people who helped him while he was at the hospital. Because of this, Kevin knew that he wanted to help Josh Cares in their endeavor to provide surrogates to hospitalized children.


On December 3, 2010 Youk’s Kids traveled to Cincinnati to kick off the first annual Being There for Josh Cares event which generated $60,000.00 to provide for the annual salaries of the surrogates who comfort and watch over these children.

“Youk's Kids has opened many doors for Josh Cares in Cincinnati which has enabled us to expand our services to better meet the emotional needs of critically ill children suffering through lengthy hospitalizations without a parent consistently by their sides.  Kevin, the staff and board, and friends and family in both Boston and Cincinnati bent over backwards to lend every resource possible to ensure the success of our event.  Youk’s Kids has taken Josh Cares to a new level for which we are eternally grateful.”

-Joy Blang, Executive Director Josh Cares

Josh Cares

Josh Cares is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that no critically or chronically ill children go through a hospitalization alone, without the support of a parent by their side when they need it the most.  At any given time, an average of 35-40 critically ill children at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center are "alone."  Josh Cares funds professionally trained Child Life Fellows who serve as surrogates for, and links to, the families who would be by their side if they could.

Mission and Vision

Youk’s Kids mission is to create a community of support, increase awareness and advocate for the health and well-being of children.


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