Program Description

Thank you for your interest in Youk's Kids Athletes for Heroes Program.  At Youk's Kids we recognize that it is our responsiblity to support the families among us who are serving and sacrificing for our safety. 

The Mission of Youk's Kids Athletes for Heroes

The mission of Youk's Kids Athletes for Heroes program is to support the minor children of severely injured or deceased men and women of service as well as the children of any ordinary citizen who risks their life to protect another and as a result, is severely injured to killed.  These brave individuals are our heroes and include anyone who served in the military, or as a police officer or firefighter.

What Youk’s Kids Funds:

Funds may be requested for use in one of the following areas:

Participation in Team Activities
Youk’s Kids will provide grant monies to participate in a team activity as we believe that such activities provide structure and positive role models and teach both perseverance and the ability to cope with both success and failure.  More importantly, they allow children to gain lasting friendships and a sense of belonging. Funding considered under the Team Activity Category includes but is not limited to:

  • Sports, dance, gymnastic, music or art camps and programs including public school activity fees
  • Equipment needed to participate in team activities

Participation in Academic Programs
Youk’s Kids recognizes that parental involvement positively affects student achievement and that a child who loses a parent or whose parent is severely injured is at greater risk academically.  Therefore, funding considered under the Academic Enrichment Category includes but is not limited to:

  • Academic tutoring, both individual and group, including SAT Tutoring
  • Pre-school education
  • Academic enrichment camps and programs

Youk’s Kids will not provide funding for private school tuition.

Participation in Bereavement Support Programs
Youk’s Kids recognizes the emotional hurdles children of Heroes face and will consider funding to support the following services:

  • Bereavement and Family Camps 

Hero Eligibility Requirements:

For Military personnel, firefighters or police

  • The severe injury or death of a service man or woman must be a direct result of their job in service to the country. In the case of firefighters or police officers, the death must take place while responding to, operating at or returning from an incident.
  •  Severe injury is defined by loss of use of limb(s) or eye(s).
  •  Heroes or Hero families must be referred through another police officer, firefighter or military personnel of rank.

For an ordinary citizen who performs an act of heroism

  • A heroic act by an ordinary citizen shall be determined by the staff or BOD of Youk’s Kids or through a police department of the town or city where the act occurred.

Grantee Eligibility Requirements:

  • Support shall be considered for all minor children, under the age of 18 including stepchildren as long as proof is provided that the minor shared a residence with the deceased/injured.
  • All minor members of a Hero’s family can apply for a grant within the same funding cycle.
  • A minor child of a hero may apply annually until the age of 18. Resubmissions may be made for the same activity; however, such applications should be complete in all respects without reliance on previously submitted applications.

Application Cycles:

Grants may be submitted at any time throughout the year, but only once per child.  Grants will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and staff at scheduled quarterly meetings in March, June, September, and December. Application deadlines for each cycle are as follows:

  • For March review the application deadline is February 1
  • For June review the application deadline is May 1
  • For September review the application deadline is August 1
  • For December review the application deadline is November 1

How the Grants are Awarded:

  • Grants are awarded on the basis of demonstrated need, and the ability of Youk’s Kids to measurably affect the quality of life of the recipient.  They are subject to availability of funds and the criteria may change without notice. Notice of award will take place on or about March 15, June 15, Sept.15 and Dec.15.
  • All grants will be issued based on the specific request and may or may not be fully funded.
  • Grants may be made payable either directly to the provider(ie camp or program) or to the guardian of the applicant. 
  • For larger grants where funds are distributed directly to guardian, payments shall be made in four installments and will require proof that they were used for the intended purpose with the submission of valid receipts.  If at any time the receipt does not meet the requirements of the grant, the Applicant will forfeit future installments and may be required to pay back any previous paid installments.

If you are interested in applying for a grant please call Youk's Kids at 617-964-9685 or please click  Application


Mission and Vision

Youk’s Kids mission is to create a community of support, increase awareness and advocate for the health and well-being of children.


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