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Reach the Beach Relay Team



They REACHED the Beach.

Our team of 11 dedicated individuals crossed the finish line at approximately 4:15 Saturday, September 15th . Congratulations to each of them and thank you for representing Youk's Kids.


 On Friday September 14th 11  dedicated runners represented Youk’s Kids in the Reach the Beach Relay. The  team completed a  200 mile, twenty-four hour relay race runing through the picturesque hills and valleys of New Hampshire. Sponsored by New Balance, it is the longest running relay race in North America and consists of 450 teams that rotate through 36 transitions as they run from Cannon Mountain to Hampton Beach.  Each member of the Youk’s Kids Relay Team  ran 3 or 4  legs of varying lengths and difficulty and covered an average total distance of 16-24 miles.


It is not too late to honor them with a donation!




Special thanks to AMI Graphics for decorating our Van on raceday!