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Meet Scott…Youk’s Kids RTB team member

Youk's Kids recently sat down with, Scott Cavagnaro, one of our Reach the Beach teammates and spoke to him about why he chose Youk's Kids and his training regimen.


Why Youk’s Kids?

Youk's Kids supports the two most important things to our country, our children and our veterans. Our veterans support us now and our children will support us in the future. I think its only right to give back to them what we can.


How do you plan on preparing for this event?

To prepare for this event I am going to stick to my normal training regiment but also ramp up my running quite a bit. Along with training runs with the team, I will be participating in multiple Spartan Race events to help improve my distances. We've been having team meetings to break down the logistics of RTB and choose what legs people are taking so we can give it our best effort.


What other races have you previously participated in?

In the past I have run countless 5K & 10K's. I recently ran the Run For Your Lives Zombie run that is a themed adventure race, a very fun time. My team and I paced a friend who had his doubt about even finishing the Boston Marathon, that was an amazing experience and motivated me to run it myself in the future.


Could you elaborate more on your Boston Marathon experience?

The Boston Marathon is a race unlike I've ever seen. Watching it on TV does no justice to how hard the leaders are running. It's more than just that thought. For the rest of the runners it means just as much as it does to the winners. When our runner, Rudy Pauls, crossed the finish line and ran to his family you could tell it meant everything to him to finish.


Who would you say has been your biggest influence throughout your training?

As much as I'd like to claim to be self motivated, I'd have to say my close friend First Lieutenant Mike Fleming. Mike is one of the best this fine country's army has to offer and if I can keep up with him then I'm doing something right. He's pushed me to be better at every step of training, even from across the globe when he was deployed. 


Are their aspects of this relay that frighten you or you think will be more challenging?

RTB is not a race to come to unprepared that's for sure. This will be one of the most challenging races I've ever participated in. But no, I'm not worried. My team has a very strong bond and I think with all of us motivating each other we'll be able to handle whatever the road throws at us.




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