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Michael Shaner, Board Member, Team Member

Recently Youk’s Kids caught up with Reach the Beach team member Michael Shaner.


Michael currently serves as a board member for Youk’s Kids. He hopes the previous marathons and triathlons that he has participated him will provide him adequate training for this relay. One the main concerns he has is the length of this event – running three 4-8 mile legs in a 24 hour period with only catnaps in a van is unlike anything he has ever done before. Michael has been running, biking and swimming in preparation for the race. He is not familiar with most of his teammates, knowing only the two other board members on the team.  This makes him somewhat nervous as he wants to make sure he can contribute to the team. More importantly, Michael knows the funds he and his teammates raise with their run is going to help many children.


When asked what he likes most about running he commented, “Running allows me to think clearly and helps me to think about things that are bothering me.”


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