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Reach the Beach Team Captain Adam W.

This week Youk’s Kids had a chance to talk with Adam Waitkevich. Adam is currently serves as a board member for Youk’s Kids and looks forward to participating on our Reach the Beach Relay team!


Could you elaborate more on your company Stone Harbor Trust?

 Stone Harbor Trust is a fee-only wealth advisory firm located in Shrewsbury, MA. Our clients are families, individuals, 501 (c)3 organizations and corporate retirement plans.


 What is your main role as a board member for Youk’s Kids? 
My main role is to leverage my network and surrounding community to help create a greater awareness of the important role Youk’s Kids plays in improving the lives of disadvantaged children in the Greater Boston area and beyond.


Can you discuss your experience running in the 2010 Boston Marathon on the Youk’s Kids Team? 
The Boston Marathon (training and running of) was a truly a unique and unforgettable event for me. Through Youk’s Kids, I was inspired to get out of my physical comfort zone in order to make a difference for others in need. The team-dynamic and support only added to the element of training and running one of the most well-known races in the country.

Who would you say has been your biggest influence throughout your training?
If anything, the fear of being unprepared for the event is my biggest motivator. As part of Youk’s Kids team, I know others are depending on my ability to be prepared and that keeps me motivated to train and get ready.





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