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Spotlight on Jenny Dell

With Youk's Kids third annual Harpoon Brewery Event just two days away we would like to take this opportunity to introduce this year’s event host, NESN’s own Jenny Dell.  Youk’s Kids recently had the opportunity to ask Jenny Dell a few questions.  When asked what her favorite part of being a member of Red Sox Nation was Jenny said, “I worked at ESPN for four years and can honestly say there are NO fans, like Red Sox Fans.”  Jenny also stated that the passion and intensity of the fans, as well as their love for the Red Sox has made being a member of Red Sox Nation a dream come true.


Jenny was also asked what aspects of the Harpoon event she was most looking forward to.  With this event being her first Red Sox player charity event Jenny said she is “looking forward to helping out Kevin Youkilis with his Youk’s Kids charity which raises support and awareness for the health, advocacy, safety, and well-being of children.”  She also stated that she is “excited to host,” adding “it’s at the Harpoon Brewery…It’s going to be a great night!”


Finally, when asked the best part of her job as a member of the NESN team Jenny stated, “…every time I sit down in the 3rd base camera-well to watch and report on a game, I realize how incredibly lucky I am to be in this position.  On top of that, it’s an honor to be able to help out different charities and participate in events throughout Boston.”


Welcome to Red Sox Nation Jenny Dell!

Kevin Youkilis

Jenny Dell

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